A Chain of Spree





  • Second event will be based on your Instagram knowledge.

  • All will join the whatsapp group for further lead.

  • Pics of Instagram celebrity will be given, you shall find their ID

  • Link will be active for only one day

  • The third game will test your skills.

  • Canva Competetion.

  • Be creative as much as possible.

  • We will give you guys the overall theme and contents to include.

  • Like all the games this one has cash prize too.

  • Game will be played by number of players.

  • All will join the whatsapp group and should wait for the game to begin.

  • Game link will be made available for only one day.

  • The personality will be shown, guess their famous statements.


the technical one

guess the dialogue

Guess insta ID

Kamikaze Fest has three games

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Terms for KAMIKAZE

  • Free register using the REGISTERATION FORM.

  • Become a cohort by joining our Whatsapp group.

  • Updates will be shared in the chat

  • Play, Compete, Win cash price based on your performance

You got it:

Yo, listen up, here are the rules to rock this show,

Step one, hit "The button" and let's go with the flow, Join the crew, get your CohortID, you know the drill,Wait for the kick-off, we're about to fulfill.

First place in the every game bags 690/- straight, Next ten, they ain't late, each with 69/-, that's the rate, no time to hesitate. The Next games are on the line, so don't you wait. Now, for the rules, it's all about the game,Choosing's gotta be on point, no room for shame,No negative marks, we're keeping it clean,So bring your top game, show us what you mean.